Advanced Stroke Life Support

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Enhance your stroke assessment skills with the hands-on ASLS curriculum. Develop proficiency in administering the Miami Emergency Neurologic Deficit (MEND) Exam and learn to recognize the 5 major stroke syndromes for rapid stroke identification and treatment.

This course is open to health care providers of any level or certification, both prehospital and in-hospital, and successful completion of the course (including passing with a 72% on knowledge posttest*) awards 8 hours cardiovascular CE for EMS providers and 8 hours nursing CEU. Course description found here and course agenda found here.

Breakfast and lunch included in the course cost of $90, which covers CE, certification, and pocket reference.**

The course will be taught be Dr. John Gaughen, neurointerventionalist at Sentara Martha Jefferson's; Valerie Quick, RN, EMT-I, of UVA Prehospital; Dave Grimsley, NRP, of PHI; and Tom Joyce, NRP, of TJEMS.*** 

*A score of 84% or higher is required for eligibility to take the ASLS instructor course which prepares the student for teaching the ASLS curriculum at any registered ASLS training center.

**Only a portion of the course fee represents revenue to the University of Miami Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education, developer of the Advanced Stroke Life Support curriculum. Payment must be received by and cannot be refunded past Tuesday, June 20th at 17:00. 

***Conflicts of Interest Disclosure: Dr. Gaughen is a consultant at various neurovascular device companies but functions in this course as an instructor through the TJEMS Training Center.