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There is an ongoing shortage of medications being experienced by the local pharmacies. This is as a result of national shortages. Unfortunately these shortages can arise with very little warning as the pharmacies often work on a supply that is only guaranteed days at a time. Therefore we receive notice sometimes on a daily basis of sudden acute shortages. The pharmacies attempt to offer the medication in another formulation if possible i.e. oral Zofran vs IV. As this is a rapidly changing issue on a day to day basis, it is often impossible to give advanced warning to EMS providers. Each pharmacy attempts to  label the outside of the EMS medication box with any changes. Therefore it is particularly important that you check for these changes, and pay particular attention to reading the information on all drugs prior to administration. The dose, and or concentration, may have changed from what you are used to seeing. Please distribute this information to the providers in your agency. Unfortunately, as these shortages are occurring on a national basis our local pharmacies do not have control of when any given shortage arises.  We expect that this situation will continue for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to contact the Council with any questions or concerns. We will attempt to provide information as quickly as possible, however sometimes these shortages occur with little or no warning.

Regional Drug Shortage information will be updated on a regular basis!


Important Drug Shortage

Effective Immediately.

Due to a shortage of D50 syringes D10W/250ml will now be used to replace D50 for correction of hypoglycemia.

D10W will replace D50 as boxes are restocked until the remaining D50 is gone.

This change will occur at SMJH Pharmacy and UVA

The D10 is intended for use in place of D50.

It is not intended to be used for medication mixing.

Medications used to create infusions/drips will be done in the usual manner.


Change to Epinephrine 1mg/10ml syringes. Effective immediately'. 1mg/10ml syringes will be replaced by the following as boxes are restocked.

·         1 x vial of 1 mg/1 mL (1:1,000) Epinephrine

·         1 x needle

·         1 x 10 mL syringe

·         1 x 10 mL NS vial

·         Directions for dilution clearly noted on the outside of the kit

Four kits will be supplied in lieu of the 4 commercially available syringes.

We realize that this is not ideal, but are struggling to manage the multitude of drug shortages that affect all areas we serve. Effective immediately, 4 kits will be placed in cardiac boxes coming for exchange (e.g. gradual process).


Medication: Magnesium Sulfate

Present Formulation: (4) 1 Gram Vials

Change: Decrease to (2) 1 Gram Vials


Medication; Ondansetron (Zofran)

Present Formulation: 4 mg/2 mL vials for injection

Change: IV solution removed

New availability: Two Ondansetron 4 mg SL tablets.


Medication; Saline Flush Syringes

Present Formulation: 10 mL syringes

Change: Syringes removed

New availability: None.


Morphine Syringes

Present Formulation: 2x10mg/1ml syringes

Change: 2 x 4 mg/1 mL morphine syringes


Augusta Health has reported a shortage of epinephrine 1:10,000 prefilled syringes in CSEMS drug boxes stocked at Augusta Health. Substitute kits, requiring medication preparation, will be stocked instead during this shortage. Click here for the complete shortage memo.