Virginia Dpt of Health: OEMS Vaccination Knowledge Assessment

EMS Providers,

The Virginia Department of Health has put out a training plan to incorporate EMS providers with the administration of the influenza and tdap vaccinations at

To participate, you’ll need to create a Train Virginia account, and search for the “VDH OEMS Vaccination Knowledge Assessment”. Once you select the course, there will be an option to “register” on the right side of the screen.

The VDH offers this summary for the training:

“This training plan assists Virginia certified EMS providers in obtaining updated vaccination information and completing the knowledge assessment needed to administer Influenza or TDAP vaccinations for the Virginia Department of Health.  The Vaccination Knowledge Assessment online and the in-person Vaccination Skills Assessment are REQUIREMENTS for EMS volunteers to be qualified to give vaccinations for VDH.

There are several options for content review in the 4 different sections.  You can choose to watch a webinar or recorded video or read the CDC "Pink Book".  Time to complete each module will depend on how long you spend reviewing the materials.  To go back to the assessment after you have reviewed the content, choose return to the course in TRAIN.

Each section has a corresponding 10-15 question quiz. You must pass each quiz with a score of 80% or greater.  Once you complete a quiz, TRAIN will email you a confirmation of your score. 

If you do not pass the quiz, please completely review the resource materials and videos and retake the quiz.  You will only have 2 attempts. If there is a need for retaking the training and post-test beyond two attempts, you will be required to complete in person training with the health department IAP or Nurse Supervisor. 

After passing all 4 sections, you'll need to complete an in person vaccination skills assessment conducted by a nurse at the local health department.  This will be coordinated with your Operational Medical Director (OMD) or Local Health District (LHD).

If you have any questions regarding completing this training plan, please contact the Office of EMS Emergency Operations Manager via e-mail: “