Reopening of EC Process and use of CTS

Due to IT delays, the new mentorship EC process is unfortunately not ready for implementation. As a result, the Office has reopened the old application for a Special Call Process for one final EC Institute under the old method. However, we have gone ahead and implemented the NR Cognitive Exam in place of the old EC Pre-test and will require Education Coordinator – Candidates (EC-C’s) to take their psychomotor exam at a Regional Council CTS.

The CTS Registration System has already been updated to allow the EC-C to choose “EC” as their test level when registering so you should begin seeing them on your registration report. They are required to pay like any other candidate. The EC-C will have a Letter of Eligibility to present at the CTS. Once collected, please give the LOE to the CTS Examiner as they will record their results on the bottom, just like we do for out-of-state NR Candidates. I have attached a copy of the LOE for your reference.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either Peter Brown or me.

Thank you!

Gregory S. Neiman, MS, NRP, NCEE, CEMA (VA)

BLS Training Coordinator

Virginia Office of EMS

P: 804.888.9120


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