Shock Trauma Box Notification

At the most recent meeting of the Pharmacy and OMD committees it was discussed as to whether the Shock Trauma boxes that are issued thru the respective pharmacies will be continued. Several pertinent issues were discussed. As a whole these boxes are used by only a small minority of the agencies. There is considerable time reported by the pharmacies in maintaining this box, most of which is in restocking them, as they frequently expire before being issued. The current critical shortage of fluids and medications is also a factor. It was decided that these boxes would be discontinued effective May 1st 2018.

If your agency has these boxes, and intends to swap out the trauma box for a cardiac box on a one for one basis, we ask that you contact the council prior to April 15th with the number of trauma boxes you will be turning in and the number of cardiac boxes you will need. This will allow us enough time prior to May 1st to add any additional cardiac boxes that might be needed.

If you have any questions, please contact your EMS Council at 434-295-6146.