UVA Health System August 11-12/Rally Event EMS Information

As we frequently do with larger events in Charlottesville, the UVA Health System is preparing for the weekend of August 11-12 for the potential of an influx of people to the area.  As part of our preparedness we will be increasing our staffing levels and security.  In the event of a mass casualty or heightened security alerts, there will be changes to the traffic patterns accessing the hospital, including the potential to open the front hospital lobby for intake of ALL patients, including via ambulance.  To maintain control of the hospital and the immediate exterior of the hospital, three stages of control will be utilized for vehicle traffic on Lee Street.

Traffic Control Staging

Stage 1 (Basic Preparedness)

· Traffic flow as normal on Lee Street and other Medical Center roads.

Stage 2 (Elevated Concern)

·Traffic flow is restricted to one way traffic only on Lee Street.  Please access Lee Street through JPA. The flow of traffic will be in the NE direction from JPA to 11th Street. 

Stage 3 (High Security)

·         Traffic flow is closed to public. 

·         Only emergency vehicles permitted

Traffic flow is restricted to one way traffic only.  Please access Lee Street through JPA. The flow of traffic will be in the NE direction from JPA to 11th Street. 

Activation of Lobby Triage

·         Activation of Lobby Triage is independent of Traffic Control Staging

·         Activation of Lobby Triage will be communicated via UVA Medcom email/fax and Twitter @uvahealthnews

· Ambulances will be directed to enter Lee Street through JPA

· With activation of Lobby Triage - ALL ambulances transporting to the UVA Emergency Department will enter into the Main Hospital Lobby Entrance, unload stretcher for brief assessment of Lobby MD Triage and receiving area Team (see diagram)

·         Lobby Triaged RED: Remain on EMS Stretcher with EMS crew, go through Lobby Left Doors towards East Elevators to ED or OR per Lobby MD Triage

·         Lobby Triaged YELLOW: Removed from EMS Cot and placed on hospital litter/wheelchair located on the outside of Lobby. 

·         Lobby Triaged Green: Enter Lobby through Lobby Right Doors, removed from EMS Cot and placed on hospital litter/wheelchair

·         Ambulances should be immediately moved into the current 3 lanes designated for ambulance drop off outside the current ED entrance.  

·         Re-supply, drug-box exchange and cleaning of EMS equipment will take place via mobile carts located inside the doors of the ED Ambulance entrance, outside the EMS room.    

Lobby Operations – Ambulance Flow

Security & Weapons

·         Additional security will be at all barriers and in the lobby area. 

·         It is highly advisable to check for weapons prior to arrival.  Security will wand all patients prior to entering the lobby. 

·         Medical Center Policy prohibits possession of weapons on university property except by law-enforcement personnel.

Re-Supply of EMS

Our goal is to get units back in service in an expedient manner.  We will have personnel with mobile carts located in the ambulance drop-off area including:

·         Limited amount of drug boxes available outside EMS Room for exchange

·         Extra supplies including, trauma dressings, IV tubing, IV fluids, IV catheters, etc.

·         Cleaning products and trash receptacles

·         Additional immobilization supplies – NOTE: This will be taken from the cache of immobilization supplies left at the ED.  It is expected that after the event, equipment not belonging to your agency be returned in exchange for your own equipment.

UVA - EMS MCI Communication Plan

This plan is ONLY for UVA to EMS communications.  Communications concerning normal area MCI information will be communicated via your Emergency Planners, Dispatch Centers and Agency Leadership.

Stages of Traffic Pattern, Lobby Operations, Diversion, Resume Normal Operations

Questions? Please contact Val Quick or Jim True at 434-989-4859.