Monday Mention

Monday Mention:

Wintergreen Fire Rescue.

Wintergreen Fire and Rescue's mission is to provide the best possible pre-hospital care and fire suppression for the citizens of Wintergreen and our neighbors in the surrounding Nelson and Augusta Counties. Both the Wintergreen Fire Department and the Wintergreen Rescue Squad began in the 1970's when the resort was in it’s infant stages.

Wintergreen's first fire engine

The Fire Department was known then as the Wintergreen Fire Brigade and kept it’s only fire engine in a shed at Golf Maintenance.

One of the first rescue transports at Wintergreen

The Rescue Squad had one transport vehicle which was a Chevy Suburban, typically kept at what is now the Food and Beverage loading dock. Both departments were initially staffed with only volunteers, however the demand for service quickly lead to a career/volunteer department.

For more information:  434-325-1051