Medication Shortages

**Be sure to check boxes for labels for changes to supply**

21 July 2023

Ketamine 200mg/20ml vials will be restocked on TJEMS drug boxes.

Check Stickers on lid for any med changes in each box


19 May 2023

Ketamine vials will not be restocked in drug boxes.  Ketamine in the RSI kits should only be for RSI and not pain



 Ketamine Vial has been removed from drug boxes.   
medication count will include - Fentanyl (2),  Morphine (2) &  Versed (3).

At this time, Ketamine will still be available in RSI kits.




 Glucagon kits

Replaced with vial of dry powder and 10ml of sterile water for injection 

For additonal training:




      Temporary Cardiac Box Change

  • Midazolam 5mg/ml Vial Qty: 3

      (Change from 4 vials to 3 vials)

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